Tomas Bairašauskas

Senior Associate

Vilnius, Lithuania

+370 5 251 4444; 251 4455

Lithuanian, English, Russian


Advises the bankruptcy administrator UAB Valnetas in the bankruptcy procedures and daily administration of BAB Ūkio Bankas, checks and administers creditors’ financial claims and advises on them, acts as a representative in disputes with individual persons regarding groundless financial claims against the bank in bankruptcy in over 170 cases (the value of disputes is about LTL 30 million), and in disputes regarding debtors‘ debt recovery and contesting of transactions (2013);

Represents BUAB Ranga-IV in the dispute with the German company Nukem Technologies GmbH regarding relationships arising out of the contract for construction (FIDIC) of the temporary nuclear fuel storage (B1) of the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant. Statements of claims were filed against the respondent Nukem Technologies GmbH concerning termination of the contract, invalidation of set-off agreements and agreements on assignment of right of claim, award of debt and compensation, indemnification for damages and demanding to stop illegal management of an item by persons not entitled to do it (the value of the dispute is about LTL 16 million) (2012–2013);

Represented a US company in a civil case against a Lithuanian group of companies for award of the debt and contesting of transactions, secondary liability of the shareholder (the value of the dispute is about LTL 36 million) (2011–2013);

Represented natural persons with regard to investing into a real estate investment fund, obtaining permits from the Securities Commission for being elected members of governance bodies of the management company managing the real estate investment fund, drafted the share purchase agreement and the shareholders’ agreement of this company, performed a legal due diligence of the said management company (2009–2010).


Represented BUAB Premium Konsultacijos in a civil case against BADB Baltikums Draudimas for invalidation of the transaction by which the company acquired small-value movable houses for a inadequate price (the value of the dispute was LTL 2 million) (2012–2013);

Advises UAB Valnetas (in BUAB ERP, BUAB Duomenų Bazės ir Technologijos, BUAB Dahelma, BŽŪB Agroma, BUAB Kraujo Donorystės Centras and other bankruptcy proceedings) and other persons engaged in administration activities in companies’ bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings, as well as in property administration procedures and natural persons’ bankruptcy procedures, represents administered companies in civil cases regarding contesting financial claims made by company creditors, contesting of transactions with related persons and other counterparties, indemnification for damages caused by heads and shareholders of companies and in debtors’ debts recovery procedures (2010–2013);

Represented (about 30) natural and legal persons in civil cases in drafting procedural documents and in disputes in court in bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings (2010–2013);

Represented foreign citizens and legal persons of the Republic of Lithuania in negotiations with AB SEB Bankas regarding acquisition of a property complex mortgaged to the bank (the value of the transaction was LTL 3 million) (2010–2013);

Advises and represents natural and legal persons in disputes against financial and insurance institutions regarding fulfilment, amendments and termination of credit and insurance agreements (2010–2013);

Advised real estate development companies managing shopping centres and objects in free economic zones regarding contractual relationships of lease with tenants, drafted procedural documents and represented clients in disputes with tenants for award of debts, damages, termination and modification of lease agreements (2008–2013);

Advised and represented a Lithuanian company in the course of hotel construction in relationship with the general contractor, designers of the structure and other persons regarding fulfilment of contractual obligations (2012);

Represented a client in an administrative case against municipal and state authorities regarding issue of conditions for detailed planning in the territory of a national park (2012);

Advised a major online dating portal in Lithuania, as well as copyright and similar rights collective administration associations and other companies and organisations regarding implementation of technical and organisational means for personal data protection, prepared personal data protection rules, documents for the State Data Protection Inspectorate and other documents necessary for ensuring personal data protection, represented companies when the State Data Protection Inspectorate inspected companies in the area of personal data protection (2011–2012);

Prepared internal corporate documents, agreements and represented VĮ Nemenčinės Miškų Urėdija in civil cases (2011–2012);

Advised VšĮ Lietuvos Muzikos ir Teatro Akademija on issues of lease and management of state property (2011);

Represented a natural person in a dispute against a major insurance company operating in Lithuania for payment of the insurance benefit for property destroyed during fire (2011);

Advised major Lithuanian companies in the business of sale of agricultural machinery, prepared sale-purchase, long-term lease, loan and other agreements, corporate documents for these companies, as well as procedural documents in civil cases regarding award of debts from the debtors of these companies, also in disputes of other types (2008–2010).


  • Lithuanian Bar Association
  • Lithuanian Young Bar Association


  • Since 2017 Associate at law firm TGS Baltic (former TARK GRUNTE SUTKIENE)
  • 2013–2017 Associate at law firm TARK GRUNTE SUTKIENE
  • 2010–2013 Associate at law firm AAA Baltic Service Company
  • 2008–2010 legal assistant at law firm Meškauskienė ir Tuzovaitė/MT Legal
  • 2008 lawyer at UAB Viešųjų Ryšių Partneriai
  • 2007–2008 lawyer the Association of Lithuanian Trade Enterprises


  • 2010 Vilnius University, Faculty of Law (Master of Law)